How to automate the creation of product descriptions with TextBrew

Tachmy Dilmy
March 10, 2024
5 min read

Creating engaging, SEO-rich product content used to be a drawn-out affair. You'd sift through spec sheets, analyze spreadsheets, and painstakingly craft each description while pondering your unique selling points (USPs). Now, TextBrew revolutionizes this process with its cutting-edge AI, turning what used to take hours into a task that's accomplished in mere minutes. Here's how TextBrew stands out against manual tools like or and how you can leverage it for various e-commerce scenarios:

Traditional Content Creation: A Laborious Process

Formerly, content creators would dwell on each product's specifications, translating dry facts into appealing content. The process was as taxing as it was time-consuming, often requiring deep dives into product USPs and extensive manual editing to ensure uniqueness—a far cry from the efficiency today's e-commerce demands.

TextBrew's Innovative Approach

TextBrew simplifies this complex process. Unlike other tools where manual copying and pasting from spec sheets is the norm, TextBrew automates content generation, directly utilizing EAN codes to produce distinctive content in a flash.

Step-by-Step Guide to Using TextBrew

1. Sign Up and Login: Register at Choose the free forever plan to get 10 monthly product descriptions for free.
2. Dashboard: Welcome at your control room to generate product descriptions.
3. Brand Voice: Embed your brand's essence by inputting a text sample on the brand voice page, then head over to the dashboard.
4. Input Codes: Enter your EAN/GTIN codes or upload a CSV for batch processing.
5. Choose language: Select your product description language
6. Tone Selection: Choose your previously custom tone of voice or select from predefined options.
7. Content Channel: Pick your sales channel for platform-optimized content.
8. Country Selection: Set the product's source country to make it easy for us to find data
9. Generate: Hit the generate button and let TextBrew's AI do the rest.
10. Review batch: Inspect the results on and go to the generation history page

11. Review generated content: preview the data or download all product content in CSV or individual products using DOC or PDF format
12. Preview product description: see all product details generated by TextBrew

Ideal Use-Cases for TextBrew

  • Multi-Channel Retailers: Frequently updating product ranges.
  • Distributors: Providing fresh content to clients.
  • Cross-Border Expansion: Localizing product content for new markets.
  • Drop Shippers: Seeking unique content, not supplier-standard descriptions.

With TextBrew, you can transform the arduous task of writing product descriptions into a swift and painless process. Just take the example of the GEOX J Grayjay Boy Kids Sneakers. The provided EAN code, 8050036726230, was used to generate a compelling description for these stylish black sneakers. The result is a detailed, attractive product page that not only describes the sneakers' features but also their benefits, such as the durable rubber sole and the comfortable fit, all tailored to the young and trendy.

PDF generated by TextBrew

Frequently Asked Questions About TextBrew's Content Generation

How exactly does TextBrew work its magic?
Imagine having an e-commerce guru at your fingertips—that's TextBrew for you. With our treasure trove of databases and a sprinkle of AI brilliance, we whip up content that's as unique as your brand.

I'm wary of duplicate content; how does TextBrew tackle this issue?
Understandable, and here's the good news: "Duplicate" is not in our dictionary. We gather diverse snippets of data, and like an artisan, we craft narratives that are tailor-made for your products.

Will search engines spot that my content was AI-generated?
They might, they might not. We're playing a game of stealth here. Our AI is trained to mimic the unpredictable beauty of human writing, significantly lowering the chances of your content waving a red flag at the search engines.

Is there a ceiling on how much content I can generate?
You bet—quality over quantity, right? At present, you can jazz up descriptions for 100 products in one go. This limit keeps our standards high and your content fresh.

What sales channels can I shine on with TextBrew-crafted content?
Oh, we've got you covered across the board! Whether you're selling on Amazon, casting spells on, showing up on Google Shopping, auctioning on eBay, or setting up shop on Shopify, our content is like a chameleon—it adapts.

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Tachmy Dilmy
March 10, 2024
written by Tachmy
5 min read

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