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Launching TextBrew

The latest news on creating compelling e-commerce product content using AI.

How to automate the creation of product descriptions with TextBrew

Creating engaging, SEO-rich product content used to be a drawn-out affair. You'd sift through spec sheets, analyze spreadsheets, and painstakingly craft each description while pondering your unique selling points (USPs). Now, TextBrew revolutionizes this process with its cutting-edge AI, turning what used to take hours into a task that's accomplished in mere minutes.
Tachmy Dilmy
March 10, 2024
5 min read

Launching TextBrew: Instant, AI-Generated Product Content for E-commerce Platforms

Introducing TextBrew. A sneak preview to crafting product content condensed under a minute.
March 7, 2024
5 min read

Generate your own product descriptions with TextBrew - 10 free requests monthly

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