How TextBrew works

Let our innovative software service handle optimizing your product listings. In just 4 simple steps, you're equipped with tailored content designed to boost your e-commerce success. Join e-commerce companies worldwide in experiencing the benefits of enhanced product listings and increased sales.

1: Select your preferences

Choose your desired languages, tone of voice, and specific marketplaces like Amazon, Google Shopping or Shopify to create tailored content.

2: Input EAN codes

Provide TextBrew with your product's EAN codes and any relevant details. You can input multiple products at once.

3. TextBrew generates content

Our advanced AI gathers data from and generates high-quality, optimized content, ensuring it's suitable for each marketplace and language.

4: Use content and implement

After generating it's time to put it into action. Integrate the content into your e-commerce platform faster than ever. Save time and boost efficiency.

Content generation process is now streamlined to less than a minute

Before TextBrew, creating content for a product detail page on Shopify could take a tedious 30 minutes up to 2 hours per product. Now, with TextBrew's advanced AI technology, content generation takes less than a minute, saving precious time and effort. Experience the efficiency of TextBrew and streamline your e-commerce content creation process today.
<1 min
To create content based on an EAN code
customized content for Amazon, bol.com, eBay, Google Shopping and Shopify
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